Environmental Flow Assessment and Training

Within the IEWP-PR2, a Joint Technical Working Group (two renowned EU experts, representatives of Central Water Commission, Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute; IEWP/GIZ PMU) undertook the field visit in Mahanadi Delta during 15-19 April 2019. On Thursday, 18 April 2019; a “Training/Workshop on Environmental Flow Assessment-Approaches; Focus: Ecological Approaches and Assessments – experiences from the EU” was held at the premises of CWC MERO, Bhoinagar, Bhuvneshwar. This training workshop served the exchange and training on i) ecological considerations in E-Flow assessments, ii) key challenges and approaches for e-flow assessments in estuaries/wetlands and iii) collection and interpretation of ecological data towards e-flow assessments. EU good practices and related applications in Indian river basins were discussed.